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Ombuds Field Guide

Expand your skills, grow your practice and build your network.


Ombuds Institute is a space for us to help each other feel valued, appreciated, and confident through tapping into our own community to teach and learn from each other. 


Free Visitor Meeting Guide

Get the guidance you need to show up to your visitor meetings fully prepared.


Ombuds help others feel valued, appreciated, and confident. 


Our work is dedicated to helping aspiring, new and growing Ombuds to develop their skills and confidence working with visitors 1:1. Our goal is to help you feel confident walking into and out of each visit as your best Ombuds self.

Resources for every stage of the journey



The Ombuds Field Guide course is for anyone looking to grow their skills and confidence working with visitors 1:1. Walk into and out of each visit as your best Ombuds self.


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Case Study Membership

Observe an expert ombuds work with a visitor beginning to end, then debrief the tools and skills utilized with your colleagues.


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This blog provides tools of the Ombuds trade aimed to inspire and spark discussion. 



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Meet the Founder

Teresa Ralicki


Teresa Ralicki is the founder and creator of Ombuds Institute. Her conflict resolution practice started when she became a peer mediator in 5th grade. Since then, she continued mediating and studying conflict all the way through college. Teresa has worked as an Ombuds, coaching individuals 1:1, mediating, facilitating group conflict, and supporting organizational change leadership and creating and conducting training for the American Red Cross and University of Colorado. In addition, she conducted community mediations and restorative justice processes for juvenile offenders.


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