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Ombuds Case Study Club

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The one and only place to witness ombuds at work!

The Ombuds Case Study Club is the only case study membership of its kind where, every month, you can observe an expert ombuds work with a visitor from beginning to end. During live, facilitated case studies, you will use exclusive supportive resources to analyze the case and techniques utilized.

This approach of pulling back the curtain to demonstrate the work in action is rare in the ombuds profession.

Join us in this unique and enriching way to engage and learn! Observe expert ombuds as they coach visitors while navigating complex issues and dynamics such as; change management, discrimination and inequity, informal vs formal systems, systemic issues, and more!

Before I tell you about this career-changing membership, let's talk about who this is really for... 

You’re an ombuds enthusiast with no shortage of interest in learning and growing your skills. You are tired of discussing hypothetical scenarios that never seem to give enough context to truly learn. You are ready to engage deeply with your professional community and push each other to expand and excel.

Whether you're... 

  • A seasoned ombuds with a desire to spruce up your practice with new ideas and approaches…
  • A new ombuds wanting to have a clearer sense of how others coach and guide visitors…
  • An aspiring ombuds eager to learn how to do the work and start incorporating the skills into your day to day life to build your resume and experience…
  • An ombuds supporter who wants to better understand how ombuds help their constituents and organizations…

You’re in the right place! Continue reading for how Ombuds Case Study Club will give you everything you need to experience ombuds case studies in a more enriching way than ever before!

In this program you will...


Grow your conflict analysis skills while listening and considering the case.


Build confidence in your skills and approach to coaching visitors.


Engage with other professionals to expand your practice and connections.

Experience Ombuds Tools and Skills in Action

Membership opens on January 6th and the first recording drops in January!

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How it works...

1. Review a new recording every quarter!

Each quarter, members receive access to review the new ombuds visit recording, take notes, and review any additional resource materials. 

2. Join a live, facilitated case study activity!

Members can join a live advanced, structured, facilitated meeting to debrief, process, and analyze the tools the ombuds used.  

3. Review materials and discussion recording!

Members can review the visitor meeting and/or the facilitated discussion recordings on their own time.

Confidentiality and professionalism are important!

Don't worry! Measures will be taken to ensure confidentiality for the visitors. 

  • Ombuds will not coach anyone from their own organization.

  • Visitors have the option to change names of places and people, including their own name.
  • Members will sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • Recordings of the sessions will not be permitted to be shared.

  • Members will adhere to group norms and expectations on how they discuss cases and engage with one another.

Which ombuds have we learned from so far?

February 2023: 

  • Howard Gadlin, Consulting Ombuds at Harvard Medical School, coaches a visitor working for a family owned and run business.¬†

April 2023: 

  • Donna Douglass Williams,¬†Head of Ombuds at Pinterest,¬†coaches a CEO of a small Marketing Agency navigate how to lead, manage and support staff with mental health accommodations

June 2023:

  • Tyler Smith, Associate Ombuds at the National Institutes of Health, coaches an employee on managing expectations with a new supervisor.¬†¬†

August 2023:

  • Shreya Trivedi,¬†University Ombuds Officer at the University of Central Florida, coaches a director as he thinks through his team's group dynamics and needs.¬†¬†

October 2023:

  • Melissa Brodrick,¬†Ombuds and Director for the Harvard Ombuds Office, coaches¬†a manager through a situation that poses challenging dynamics on multiple levels

December 2023:

  • Paul Sotoudeh,¬†Chief Ombudsman at the USPTO, coaches an employee on communicating¬†job expectations and desires with their supervisors.¬†¬†

Still to come:

  • Wayne Blair, Ombudsperson at the Asian Development Bank
  • Lisa Neale, Associate Director and Ombuds at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Center
  • Elizabeth Stone, University Ombuds at Gallaudet University
When you enroll you will get... 


  • The chance to experience¬†amazing and skilled ombuds coach visitors from beginning to end
  • Access to additional supporting resources connected to the¬†cases
  • 4 live (and recorded) facilitated and structured case study discussions
  • Opportunities to engage with your ombuds colleagues in a deep and meaningful exchange

I personally can not WAIT to get this membership moving!

When I first listened to recordings of 3 ombuds intended to be added to the Ombuds Field Guide, I was blown away! I was expecting to listen and only think about how I could apply what they were doing to the content in the course. Instead, I found myself mesmerized by their skills and grace. Ombuds Teresa was getting a lesson in how to improve her practice before course creator Teresa was able to get to work applying it to the course. 

I realized, the only time we ever get to experience how other ombuds practice, in a real case, from beginning to end, is if we are lucky enough to be invited to sit in on someone else’s visit. This rarely happens, even if you work with other colleagues in the same office.

I knew I had to find a way to get this type of enriched learning into as many hands as possible!

I truly believe that by observing one another over time, our individual practices as well as our profession will transform. We will have a clearer sense of the consistent competencies we need and insight into how we can build them and support each other in building them. 

My excitement for this program is beyond anything I’ve ever worked on before! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Teresa Ralicki

Experience Ombuds Tools and Skills in Action 

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