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About Teresa Ralicki

Founder, Ombuds Institute


Teresa is the founder and creator of Ombuds Institute. Her conflict resolution practice started when she became a peer mediator in 5th grade. Since then, she continued mediating and studying conflict all the way through college. Teresa has worked as an Ombuds, coaching individuals 1:1, mediating, facilitating group conflict, and supporting organizational change leadership and creating and conducting training for the American Red Cross and University of Colorado. In addition, she conducted community mediations and restorative justice processes for juvenile offenders. 

With her MA in Conflict Resolution and a graduate certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership, as well as Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Teresa is highly regarded among Ombuds and other conflict resolution practitioners. 

Teresa’s expertise has been provided as a consultant and trainer for other organizations such as the EPA and she teaches a graduate level course on Organizational Conflict and Change at her undergrad alma mater, Juniata College.

As an expert in utilizing many alternative dispute resolution processes successfully, Teresa can help any practitioner with filling in the gaps of their knowledge and skills to experience professional confidence and growth through utilizing this consulting and training institute.

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