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What is an Ombuds Worth?

As some of you know, I recently left my ombuds job at one organization to move into a new ombuds role. 

As I was communicating to colleagues that I was leaving, wanting to express appreciation as well as...

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From Accommodation to Boundaries: An Ombuds Journey

I want to tell you a story of something that felt so uncomfortable for me when I started my first ombuds job (and is still uncomfortable sometimes!)

Early in my career, I spoke to people all over the world on a...

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Reframing on TV!

My best friend finally started watching “Downton Abbey,” one of my long beloved dramatic, period TV shows! I have been watching some episodes along side of her to share in the enjoyment. One message...

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Insight I Never Knew I Was Missing

Starting a business is hard. Harder than I ever imagined. There are so many times I lose sight of the big picture or get stuck with no idea of what to do next. My friends and family (filled with ombuddies and ombuds...

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What is Your Ombudship Style?

There are arguably as many styles of ombudship as there are ombuds. What might be gained by identifying your own individual style and considering others? Guest writer Dr. Mary Bliss Conger weighs in with an idea from...

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How To Be an Ombuds Before Landing Your First Ombuds Job

I thought I was wasting my time and getting further from my dream job. In fact, I was building skills and experience everyday. 

It was 2008 when I graduated with my masters in Dispute Resolution from UMass...

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3 Tips for Staying Present While Working Virtually

Even though my body may not need time to transport through physical space to get to different meetings, my mind does.

If your experience has been like mine you will be familiar with how the move to working virtually...

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4 Ways for Ombuds to Define Success Working with Groups

Feeling successful in this work is incredibly important! It helps us as dispute resolution practitioners stay energized and engaged. It also helps us have the confidence to tell others how we can help!

Over the summer...

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